Peter Meyer has been living on Fraser Island (Kgari) for over 20 years. Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Peter studied Ecology and Biochemistry at University. This leaning towards science and the environment saw him begin working as a Ranger for Kingfisher Bay Resort in 1995. Once taking on this role he began to explore and study the islands secrets. 20 years on, Peter is still fascinated by the unique diversity of Fraser, which is clearly reflected in his work.

Peter’s interest in photography began when he received an old SLR camera as a gift. He began exploring the island through the lens of his camera and in doing so discovered a natural talent. What initially began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion. Equipped with his camera and a sturdy old Landrover, Peter ventured out to find images that reflected his love and understanding of the island. He is always searching for a new angle that will highlight an element of nature that might normally be overlooked, and thus encourage a sharper awareness and deeper connection with the environment.

Living on Fraser Island for so long has given Peter an intimate understanding of its rhythms and cycles. He has worked as an official guide for the BBC, National Geographic and several other national and international documentary teams when they have visited the island. He has regularly featured as a narrator on German television for ZDF, ARTE, Reiselust and Speigel TV due to his knowledge and bilingual ability. Peter’s work has also been featured in a vast array of magazines and newspapers around the world.

In 2018 one of his images was presented to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when the visited the island for the Queens Canopy ceremony.