Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Peter Meyer studied Ecology and Biochemistry at Griffith University. After a while Peter found himself on Fraser Island and he has been living and working there ever since. He started off as a guide with the Kingfisher Bay Resort and after a few years taught himself photography on a second hand SLR he inherited from his brother in law. He began by going out and exploring the island in an old Landrover. From the beginning, Peter showed a talent in capturing the magical quality of scenes or objects that would normally be overlooked. He is always keen to seek out new angles in an attempt to capture the essence of whatever the subject he is studying. When he isn’t guiding or in the gallery he will be found somewhere out on the island looking to freeze that next moment in time.

Living on Fraser for so long has given Peter a unique understanding of its rhythms and cycles, so it is no wonder that he has been used as a stills photographer and guide by BBC Natural History. ¬ Peter has also worked with National Geographic as the official guide along with numerous other Australian and International Documentary teams. He has also photographed for Red Cross Australia on North Queensland’s Palm Island. His work has also featured in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world. In Germany, Peter and his work has featured on television shows for ZDF, ARTE, Reiselust and Spiegel TV.

In late 2006 Peter travelled to India and Nepal for the purpose of experiencing some of this culture. While there he volunteered his photographic services to several charity organizations including the Krishnamurti Foundation in Varanasi and Forget Me Not Orphanage in Kathmandu Nepal. These images were later used in fundraising ventures.

In 2011, after years of talking about it, Peter opened his first gallery at Kingfisher Bay Resort. This is the finest collection of Fraser Island photographs anywhere in the world. Peter signs all of his artworks and each is available in various sizes and framing techniques. He takes great pride in his finished artworks and uses some of the finest archival materials to produce them. Once hung, his finished works will last for many years without fear of fading or degrading.

Currently Peter is embarking on a new project. He is filming a Video Documentary of the Island. It will follow his journey around the island as he studies and photographs the World Heritage Listed site.